I have a desire to make a Latin version of Peppa Pig, called Pepperus Pigus (possibly Pepperus Porcus, but I don't think this sounds as good).

We could then have a Peppa pig/Life of Brian crossover:

People called the Pig they go the house?
This is a very funny article by the FT on the call to lower the top tax rate.

It starts:

We’re joined now by Sir Reg Croesus, former chairman of Wongabank. Sir Reg, why do you feel that you should pay less tax?

>Because it’s my patriotic duty.

I beg your pardon?

>It’s my duty and as such I feel it’s time to speak out. There are too many people trying to stop me >expressing my love of my country.

A love you’d express by paying less tax?

You might need to register
Some economists have written to the FT saying that the 50% tax rate harms the economy.

This has got me thinking - do you support the 50% tax rate:

a) In general
b) If it raised no net tax due to leakage, would you still support it?
c) If it did raise tax short term but by lowering growth in the long term meant that it did not reduce debt as a % of GDP

on b) and c) if you still support it, what is the reasoning?

I would personally like to see a crackdown on avoidance, on the basis that a 50% rate it useless if we do not enforce it on the rich. All we do is capture a small number of people who are rich enough to be caught (due to other changes anyone on £100k +) but not rich enough to avoid it.


Aug. 27th, 2011 03:28 pm
I assume in the wake of the UK riots someone somewhere has done a joke about apple launching a blackberry messenger competitor, to be called the iPredictariot.

However, I cannot find anyone having done so.
Does anyone want a fairly elderly Tomtom satnav?

It has UK and Europe maps

It does occasionally lose track of were you are, and the maps are a bit old, but it basically works ok.

It is anyone's for the cost of getting it to them. Pickup preferred.
Channel 4 news just really annoyed me with a piece on Boots - paying little tax on a large operating profit.

But they paid lots of interest, and deducted this for tax. Now in this case the interest is a cost of the acquisition, which I am less sympathetic with. But most interest is a legitimate business expense - you needed money to make something, you borrowed it, the cost reduces your profits (but notably increases someone else's - the lenders). This it seems to me is a legitimate tax deductible expense, in the same way that rent is a deductible expense.

The whole article seemed to me to show a lamentable lack of business knowledge. It makes me ashamed to call myself left wing to see such ignorant comment calling itself reporting.

I find such obvious bias undermines everything it has to say.

And then they followed it up with a bit on Puma, who, very commendably, started to publish an environmental impact assessment of the whole supply chain. C4's response - isn't your whole business damaging the environment by encouraging consumerism?

I find it hard to counter the right's argument of bias in the broadcast media with this to defend. Leave such blatant bias for Fox news - C4 news should be above this!
Daniel is developing a line is surreal jokes:

When is a man upside down and not upside down? When his house is upside down

When is a mirror not a mirror? When it is a sideways house

When does a foot have 5 toes and 2 toes? When 3 fall off in the bath.

I think he has the structure and the idea it has to be unexpected/wacky, but not the core of the concept...
[livejournal.com profile] smhwpf was quoted in this week's Economist on China's military spending!

You can now get Brian Blessed on your Tom Tom...

"You've reached your destination. Congratulations. Onwards and upwards! To Everest next, and the North Pole..."
This story really cheered me up - a WWE wrestler who listens to Tori Amos before fights - specifically Winter.

And he goes to meet her and she gives him a hug when he is tongue tied!
Does anyone want to comae and see <a href="http://www.thebloomsbury.com/event/run/1496>Milton Jones</a> at the the Bloomsbury Theatre on the 1st April? I am thinking of booking tickets.
Can I recommend this article from, of all places, the Evening Standard.

Is is a surprising powerful piece on poverty in London - I actually find that the start on the article on pauper's funerals is a bit of a diversion from the main point of the article, so feel free to skip to below the first picture.

I found that one of the most striking points was the person who could not afford the £19 for his UCAS form - it would be weeks of saving for him. Also the way the article has of showing he lives in a different world - he simply does not see all the expensive shops - they are not in his world.
An article in the independent (Here) on cognitive biases. In the lyrics to pop songs.

It being the independent the first comment is about the Iraq war.
My mate’s allergic to rice…

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A turn of phrase from this article on Roald Dahl, that I liked:

"but within a few lines little James' parents had been dispatched (day out in London, escaped rhinoceros)"

Word meme

Jul. 21st, 2009 09:51 pm
Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

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I recently came across the large hadron rap.

Apparently it became a run away hit for the LHC - 5m views and running.

I don't have much to add to that...
I found the following quote in an article online:

Theologically speaking, the two parties have divided the Seven Deadly Sins as follows: Republicans oppose lust, sloth and envy; Democrats scorn gluttony, greed, wrath and pride.

A little trite, perhaps, but some insight as well, I think.
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